Note To Tyreke Evans: If You’re Going To Pad Your Stats At The End Of The Game, At Least Make The Layup

  • Dylan Murphy

Last night’s Sacramento-Miami double-overtime thriller pretty much shocked anyone who watches basketball. The Kings, who kind of suck, were on the road against a Miami team that was in the midst of an 11-game winning streak. The Heat eventually pulled it out 141-129, but not without LeBron’s masterful 40 points, 16 assists and eight rebounds against a team that just wouldn’t go away. This includes the final seconds and etiquette-smashing Tyreke Evans.

You’ll see in the below video Dwyane Wade dribbling the ball across half court in an effort to run out the clock. It was a 12-point game, after all, and that’s what you do in those situations. Well, Tyreke Evans, he wasn’t quite ready to give up. On his stats, that is. 26 points and four steals were apparently not enough, so he stripped Wade, who was barely protecting the ball, and streaked the other way for a layup. Too bad he missed.

Dwyane Wade then gets the ball back, places the ball down on the floor and puts his foot on it. No more ball for you, Tyreke.

Look: the move was childish, stealing the ball like that, but know that it can be done with some exemplary coyness. We’re looking at you, Caron Butler.