Tyrone Corbin Killed Randy Foye’s Swagger By Rejecting His Chest Bump

  • Dylan Murphy

Even though the Lakers’ piss poor play is nothing new, it still feels shocking and climactic and emotionally charged every time an “underdog” takes out Los Angeles. Last night the Utah Jazz became the latest team to knock the Lakers off their pedestal, controlling the game in route to a 95-86 victory.

Midway through the 4th quarter, newly acquired Jazz guard Randy Foye hit a three to extend Utah’s lead to 79-68. As he skipped his way back to the bench for the ensuing timeout, he came upon Utah head coach Tyrone Corbin. Now Corbin’s a serious man, a COACH, even-keeled and unflinching and emotionally deflective, especially when the game is hardly in the bag. So he didn’t take too kindly to Foye’s celebratory chest bump. Instead of say, jumping back into Foye, Corbin just kind of stood there, throwing his hands up defensively and slinking off to the side. But not wanting to completely destroy Foye’s confidence, he did retort with an obligatory ass smack.

You might argue that Corbin was caught off guard, and merely reacted instinctively. But further analysis of this chest bump gone awry shows that Corbin definitely had adequate time to launch his body in the air – Foye’s slight bend of the knee, coupled with his distanced takeoff point gave Corbin plenty of warning. But he’s a head coach, and head coaches CARE ABOUT WINNING NEVER LOSE FOCUS GAME FACE.

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