VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel, And Why He Won’t Be A Clipper For Life

  • Dan Fogarty

LA Clippers superstar rookie Blake Griffin appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and took some ribbing from Kimmel and guest Jason Sudeikis about, well, being on the Clippers. Griffin’s reactions to their jokes were telling; he seemed to be saying “Yes, I know the franchise is a joke, and yes, there’s a good chance I will leave for another team.”

Now, let me be clear, none of this was actually said. I’m making large assumptions based off of Griffin’s body language. But when Kimmel showed him an advertisement in the LA Times that said “Griffin and [Eric] Gordon will be with Clippers for their careers,” his response was, “Is that real?” Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the team.

Yes, I know that Griffin was being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, on a late night talk show, and half of this is him being a good sport and going along with the joke. But most jokes are rooted in reality, and the reality right now is that playing for the LA Clippers isn’t as desirable a job as playing for, say, the LA Lakers. Watch the interview below, and tell me that looks like a guy who will re-sign with his current team. You’re lying to yourself if you think that’s the case.

A lot can change between now and the summer of 2014 (the earliest Griffin can become a free agent). For the Clippers sake, let’s hope it does.