VIDEO: Ron Artest Crashes Into Fan, Fan Spills Drink Everywhere

  • Glenn Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are, as of this moment, demolishing the San Antonio Spurs, stretching their lead into the 30s as of the third quarter. And as it turns out, even the Spurs’ fans aren’t safe from an all-out Laker blitz.

The Lakers’ Ron Artest was chasing a loose ball when he ran into two fans sitting in the first row. And not only was one of the fans not looking up at the time of impact, but he was holding a coffee. Needless to say, the beverage had no chance up against the 6-7, 260-pound Artest:

And unfortunately for the fan, his shirt didn’t have much chance against the coffee, either. It could have been worse, though – he got a towel to dry off, some TV face time in an interview shortly after the incident, and, according to him, a free t-shirt.