Vinny Del Negro Admits To Being The Horrible Coach We Already Knew He Was

  • Dylan Murphy

Vinny Del Negro is a bad basketball coach – just ask the internet. Even Bleacher Report made a slideshow about his shittiness. So of course Donald Sterling exercised the team option on his contract for the 2012-2013 season, because Donald Sterling enjoys torturing the soul of his fan base.

But Vinny Del Negro has his owner’s back. If his owner retains him because he’s horseshit, Vinny Del Negro will publicly admit he’s horseshit.

Via the Los Angeles Daily News:

“So, what do the Clippers call their offense? Does it have a name?

‘Yeah, Chris Paul,’ Del Negro said, referring to his All-Star point guard. ‘All these names and all that stuff – you just put the ball in the best player’s hands. I’m sure the ball is going to be in LeBron’s hands.

‘You just try to get the guys to buy into what you’re trying to do.'”

Not that that’s such a bad idea or anything, giving the ball to the NBA’s best and most skilled decision-maker and letting him run wild. But offenses need some semblance of organization and role-establishing, if only to wield the power of chaos and keep involvement and morale on the up and up. Just take a look at what Mike Woodson has done with the Knicks’ offense. Your sets can run through a great player, but you have to give him the ball in a position to facilitate success for himself or his teammates. Just not in Vinny land. Chris Paul land, rather.

Because the Clippers are such an appealing team due to that whole Lob City thing, we really hope that “Here ya go” offense works out.

[Los Angeles Daily News, via The Basketball Jones]

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