Dwyane Wade Stealthily Kicked Ramon Sessions In The Family Jewels

  • Dan Fogarty

With a game noted for its fluidity and athleticism, you sometimes forget Dwyane Wade’s getting up there in years (unless you’re Charles Barkley; then you have no problem forgetting). But while the Heat’s second best player is losing a step or two because of his advancing age (he’s 30), he’s gaining in other areas: Notably, in his ability to pull off covertly chippy maneuvers. By “covertly chippy maneuvers,” we mean he literally kicked Ramon Sessions in his 26-year-old junk. Old Man Wade would eventually be caught with his knee in the junk drawer, but the Heat left Charlotte with a 105-92 win. And they got to meet Ric Flair!

[Ball Don’t Lie]