The Super Bowl’s Over, So It’s Time To Refocus On Your Fantasy Basketball Team

  • Pat Mayo

The Super Bowl’s over, so it’s time to refocus on basketball. Fantasy basketball. Here are a few key concepts and free agent moves to keep your playoff hopes alive or push your team to championship contender.

Rotisserie Strategy:

Now is the time to take a fearless moral inventory and identify where your team struggles. It’s nearly impossible to climb from the bottom to the top of any single category in the time remaining, but not all Roto points are created equally. Figure out where it’s plausible to gain ground and add the personnel to help out: Steals and Blocks are the easiest places to find specialists floating on the waiver wire. Without a concentrated effort to rehabilitate your stats now, you’ll have no chance to be in the championship mix come April.

Head-to-Head Strategy:

If your team is truly brutal, there’s probably nothing that can that can be done besides a few lopsided trades that unexpectedly swing in your favor. If you’re lingering around the playoffs bubble, though, you need to start working on a plan to morph your team into championship contender. The easiest way? Tanking categories. Unlike the Roto game, there’s no need to be average anywhere. You just need to be strong in five categories. Identify the current strengths of your team and build from there. If your team lacks assists and threes, trade away anyone that does things on your squad for players that add to your strengths. Come playoff time, it doesn’t matter if you win 9-0 or 5-4 – as long as you move on.

Waiver Wire:

Sometimes it just takes a keen eye to see the right moves on the waiver wire. Here are some guys keep an eye on.


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