Warriors Curry Still Leading Charge for NBA Finals MVP

With the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics splitting Games 1 and 2, Stephen Curry still boasts the best odds to win NBA Finals MVP.

Curry has led the NBA Finals with 63 points scored, while his biggest competitor for the award, Jayson Tatum of the Celtics, has tallied just 40. Tatum played more of a distributor role in Game 1, which saw him finish Boston’s victory with 13 assists. 

Curry is the current odds on favorite to take home the award at +100, with Tatum not far behind at +135. With so much series left to play, it’s hard to officially say that this is just a two-horse race, but the next closest competitor is Jaylen Brown of the Celtics at +750.

That’s actually not a bad price for the Celtics’ number two option and he certainly has the ability to take over games, but it’s also somewhat clear that it’s been the Tatum show in Boston this year on their run to the NBA Finals. Brown has 41 total points through two games against Golden State. 

Curry, Tatum, and Brown are the only three players in this series who own odds above +1000. Curry opened the NBA Playoffs with odds of +1400, while Tatum was just above him at +1200, and Brown at +2500. 

Al Horford played a vital role in Boston’s Game 1 comeback and has since seen his odds rise to +4000, which is the fourth-highest remaining price. 

This will likely come down to which side wins the series and the award is often attached to the star player from that respective team. 

With that in mind, Curry is the only player that boasts a ticket percentage above 10%, where he currently owns 15.9% of tickets. Tatum has the second-highest ticket count at 9.4%, followed by Klay Thompson at 9.1%. Rounding out the top five were Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks at 6.2% and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns at 5.7%. 

Thompson hasn’t exactly been a big presence through two games against the Celtics where he’s finished with just 26 points. There’s room for improvement from the sharp-shooter and there could be some value in his price at +10000. 

In terms of the handle percentages, Curry has seen a lot of the money backing him, boasting 31.3% of the handle, compared to the second-highest number of 13.9% from Tatum. Of the remaining players, Thompson has the third-highest handle at 6.2%. 

The Warriors are currently slight favorites in the NBA Finals, but with the series shifting to Boston and the Celtics now having homecourt advantage, siding with Tatum and the plus-money value he presents makes a lot of sense. 

Below you can find the top ten players who boast the highest remaining odds for NBA Finals MVP on the BetMGM Sportsbook

Player Team Opening Odds Current Odds
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 1400 100
Jayson Tatum Boston Celtics 1200 135
Jaylen Brown Boston Celtics 2500 750
Al Horford Boston Celtics 15000 4000
Andrew Wiggins Golden State Warriors 10000 5000
Marcus Smart Boston Celtics 4000 5000
Draymond Green Golden State Warriors 5000 8000
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 2500 10000
Jordan Poole Golden State Warriors 10000 10000
Kevin Looney Golden State Warriors Off the board 50000