Warriors Make Charles Barkley Look Like An Idiot … Again

Warriors Make Charles Barkley Look Like An Idiot … Again
  • Rick Chandler

It’s halftime of Portland-Golden State Game 2, and we go to the TNT studio to check in with Charles Barkley. KNBR.com:

“This is going to be a shootout, neither one of these teams is good defensively,” Barkley repeated in different iterations three times during his halftime analysis Wednesday, an eventual Warriors 29-point win over the Blazers in Game 2 of the first round.

Now, back to our game, where in the third quarter the Blazers piled up … 12 points. In fact, the Warriors have been in the top 2 in the NBA all season in most defensive stats.

How you feelin’, Charles?


Warriors win 110-81 to take a 2-0 series lead. Portland’s C.J. McCullom and Damian Lillard, who combined for 75 points on Sunday, teamed for 23 points on Wednesday. Golden State played without Kevin Durant (resting a sore calf), and Shaun Livingston (right index finger sprain — those are painful, amirite?). And still won by 29? Holy crap.

Backup center JaVale McGee, of all people, had 15 points on 7×7 shooting for the Warriors. And Golden State held Portland to 33.3 percent shooting — not bad for a team that’s bad defensively.

When it come to the Warriors, Barkley is now Skip Bayless. He says stupid shit just to get a reaction. But there is also real animosity between himself and the Warriors, which goes back goes to his playing days. Warriors fans booed him every time he came to Oakland with the Suns.

Then in 2007, Barkley predicted the Mavericks would sweep the Warriors in the playoffs … and Golden State pulled the upset. And of course in more recent years Barkley has called Golden State “soft”, and claimed “a jump-shooting team” would never win an NBA title.

He’s running out of ways to be wrong.

Keep talking, Charles. You’re the Sean Spicer of basketball.

Other scores

The Wizards beat the Hawks 109-101 to take a 2-0 series lead. John Wall and Bradley Beal had 32 and 31 points, respectively.

And the Rockets beat the Thunder 115-111, also taking a 2-0 series lead. Russell Westbrook’s triple-double included 51 points, but at this point does anyone care? Houston played only eight guys, and James Harden had 35 points.

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