Washington Wizards Announcers Mistake Airball For Buzzer-Beating “Dagger”

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Washington Wizards play-by-play announce Steve Buckhantz is well liked in the Beltway, and noteworthy for his catchphrase, “DAGGERRRR!!!!” Since his Wizards rarely ever get to draw their dagger these days, he’ll jump on any rare opportunity he gets to shout it to the world. He thought this game was one of those times. It was not.

The Wizards damn near gave Buckhantz his wish. Down 96-95 at home to the Detroit Pistons, with the ball and only seconds to go, the Wiz were in prime position to stage a dramatic last-second victory. The ball traversed the offense and found itself in the hands of Trevor Ariza in the far corner. Ariza launched a shot at the buzzer, which from Buckhantz’s vantage point, swooshed in, touching nothing but nylon.

But something was terribly amiss. The fans weren’t celebrating. The players on the home team looked dismayed. The dagger was unsheathed, but where were the stab wounds to show for it?

Unbeknownst to Buckhantz and color commentator Phil Chenier, the shot did touch nothing but net, but did not penetrate through the rim. It got very awkward very quickly for Buckhantz, though usually with a quick release, awkward is the operative word. Come on Steve, the Wizards were never going to make it that easy for you.

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