Blake Griffin Dunks On The Miami Heat, Then Stares Them Down Menacingly

  • Brad Cohen

Mario Chalmers and the Miami Heat learned an important message Wednesday that the rest of the league should pay close attention to—do not tick off Blake Griffin.

With 4:32 left in the game, Chalmers, the 6-foot-2 Miami guard, started yapping in the face of the much bigger Griffin. The forward’s jaw didn’t seem to move much. Instead he just stared back at Chalmers until the pair drew a double technical.

Los Angeles Clippers veteran Baron Davis pulled his teammate aside to try to calm him down, and I’m guessing he said something like: “Relax kid. I’m gonna get you the ball down low, and you can just take your aggression out on the rim.” Because on the following play, the best dunker in the league did exactly what you would expect him to do.

Davis threw him the ball down low, and he went under Wade as the guard fruitlessly tried to swat the ball away. Griffin then slammed the ball home, and proceeded to bring the house down.

Oh, and he also included an icy-cold staredown for Chalmers on his way back to the bench. Even the announcers couldn’t hold back on the excitement. “Look where he comes from,” one announcer said. “Under Wade and over the rest of ’em.”

Meanwhile, Griffin finished with 24 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists as the Clippers put an end to Miami’s 13-game road winning streak. Watch below: