WATCH: Miami Heat Introduce LeBron And Bosh, Secure Spot As Most Hated Team In America

  • Dan Fogarty

“Yes We Did,” was the slogan used for the Miami Heat’s “Three Kings Party,” the introduction of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and (allow me to re-introduce myself) Dwyane Wade to Miami fans.

Understated would not be the right way to describe the festivities.

The trio arrived on a forklift after a two-minute intro video and tons of smoke was dispersed throughout the arena. They then stood at the top of the entrance ramp, chests puffed out, lapping up the attention while the PA announcer called out their names Michael Buffer-style.

If it sounds like a WWF entrance, that’s because it’s exactly what it looked like. After essentially holding an hour-long “fuck you, Cleveland!” special on ESPN, crushing the hopes of millions of people in Ohio, it would have been a great idea to tone it down a bit when being introduced by his new team.

Instead, we get this, the equivalent of a newly-divorced man releasing a sex tape with his hot new girlfriend, knowing full well his family is going to see it.