Watch NBA Official Joey Crawford Power Trip And Toss Everybody (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

This didn’t really affect the outcome of the game, but it was hilarious. If not briefly terrifying. Crawford, whose known for being a silly-angry-dwarf-ref, gets REALLY into the games, if you haven’t noticed. Is he basking in the glow cast from the embers of dying playoff series? Maybe. He certainly had to the feel the euphoria that comes from, for once, being cheered by an entire crowd.

But why then toss the Zach Randolph after all this? That’s not a crowd pleaser. That’s just an exercise executive power. As it turns out, tossing both Matt Barnes and Chris Paul with iffy technical fouls, wasn’t about winning anyone’s heart.

It’s about Joey Crawford.

H/T Boston Herald, GIF via SBNation