Watch Notoriously Calm Person Kevin Garnett Do Yoga

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Kevin Garnett is a very many thing. Basketball player. Boston Celtic. Forward. Center. Aggressor. Hot-head. Bully. Dick. Yogi. As in, a person who does yoga. The calming effect of yoga doesn’t have any apparent effect on the hurtful-word-wielding KG, unless it does, and this man is a true monster whose true colors we haven’t even come close to seeing.

Imagining a Garnett who isn’t mindful of his meridian lines and asanas could take hours, so let’s just ponder this Garnett, the “down dog man.” He says he’s still a work in progress, and whether or not that means he’s still working on his wild anger management issues or trying to stand on his head — or both — let’s hope his continued yogic practices help him reach his goal.

The yoga, of course, is part of an endorsement for Zico coconut water, which seems like a decent enough drink to pair with yoga. Even without the endorsement, yoga is an effective workout for the 21st century NBA player. It keeps you limber and improves your breathing and focus. I’m not an athlete, but those things sound important.

Most importantly though, it alleviates stress and supposedly makes you a more relaxed, even-keeled person. I don’t think we need a Carmelo Anthony reference to know that KG is doing it wrong. Maybe once he learns to stand on his head he’ll stop making derogatory comments about his colleagues’ wives.

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