Watch Paul George Complete A Routine Reverse-360-Between-The-Legs-Windmill Dunk

  • Dylan Murphy

LeBron James first tweeted about a Paul George dunk in Shanghai yesterday morning, and now we have video. If you didn’t already know, Paul George is a ridiculous athlete. Well, George decided to use that athleticism to wow a bunch of Chinese fans with an insane dunk.

Here’s LeBron James’ description: “The homie @King24George got crazy bounce. Just saw him reverse 360 b/t the legs windmill at the Nike FOS in Shanghai. No warmup #sick.” That’s like nine dunks in one. And it’s not a lie, either, as George actually does all of these things. Honestly, you’ll have to watch the dunk multiple times to catch everything, because there’s no slow-mo replay. WHAT A BAD YOUTUBE USER.

Just watch the video and feel bad about yourself.

UPDATE: Better video, via IAMAGM, including the warmup dunk.

[Twitter, via Cosby Sweaters]