Watch Your First Flopping Felons Of The 2012-13 NBA Season, J.J. Barea and Donald Sloan

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The NBA has issued its first ever flopping warnings, retroactively given to two players from their actions last Friday: J.J. Barea and Donald Sloan. Watch videos of each, and you be the judge. (Note: There is no judging to be done. These are flops and your argument is invalid.)

First, J.J. Barea. Jimmer gets all up in J.J.’s grill, and unless Barea rewrites everything we ever knew about human reflexes and a hand to the face forces the body’s arms to wail up in the air, flop. It’s a flop.

And Donald Sloan. He gets a little tangled with Nazr Mohammed and harmlessly bumps Kirk Hinrich. Well and good. And then…POW! Arms are up in the air, body’s doing a 360, and days later, Sloan gets a warning from the league!

They haven’t been fined yet — the first offense garners just a warning. But the price to pay is steep after that. Barea and Sloan would owe the league $5,000 the next offense, $10,000 on the third, $15,000 on the fourth, $30,000 on the fifth, and possible suspension after that. Hot damn.

Welcome to the new NBA, friends. I like this NBA.