We Wish Derrick Rose’s New Girlfriend Slid Into Our DM’s

We Wish Derrick Rose’s New Girlfriend Slid Into Our DM’s
  • SportsGrid Staff

Derrick Rose has had a large part in the Knicks semi-surprising start thus far. At 11-9, and a 9-3 record at home, the Knicks are fun again and Rose’s health is a major reason why. He has yet to miss a game this season and has been a consistent contributor, averaging 17 points and 5 assists a game.

It took a little why for Rose to get going though, as Rose was involved in a disturbing civil lawsuit, in which an ex girlfriend was suing the former MVP over an alleged gang rape. Rose was ultimately found not guilty and has since moved on.

He had moved on long ago in his personal life, as he has been dating Instagram model Alaina Anderson for quite some time. For at least a year, Anderson and Rose have been seeing each other and we feel like we now understand why Rose is playing better than he has in years. We would be too if we were with Anderson.

Unfortunately, the best we can hope for is the gallery below. Enjoy this as you remember that it’s only a matter of time until Phil Jackson gets upset for the Knicks winning without enough use of the triangle.

All images are courtesy of Alaina Anderson’s Instagram.