Who Got A Worse Beatdown: This Penguins Fan Or This Celtics Fan?

  • Rick Chandler


We can say that the Penguins fan is in a lot more trouble. Although their teams prevailed this week, Select Pittsburgh and Boston fans took the brunt of punishment in their home arenas — both were rendered prone and out of commission by, 1. the cops, and 2. a Wizards fan, respectively.

First, this Penguins dude was belligerent, possibly drunk and throwing around f-bombs, according to witnesses. When security and the cops came to escort him from his seat, he got combative. His key argument: “I’m not leaving: I paid too much for this seat.”

We’re sorry sir, but the Being A Big Dick Section is on the other side of the arena.

He was eventually pulled from his seat, and finally hustled into an elevator — where he allegedly tried to choke a female officer. He was summarily tazed — twice — and is now awaiting a court hearing.

This one from TD Garden during Game 7 vs. the Wiz is a lot more straightforward. Not sure of the leadup to this fight, but the Celtics fan is laid out with one punch by the Washington fan. He just crumbles like the Greek economy.

Love the second Boston fan who steps in and offers an anemic swing in retaliation. Glass Joe would be proud of that one, sir.