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Who Is Leading The NBA MVP Race?

Who Is Leading The NBA MVP Race?
  • Marcus Blackwell

This year’s NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) race is incredibly close. We’ve got Russell Westbrook being a walking triple double, James Harden leading the Rockets to the third seed in the Western Conference while putting up astonishing numbers and Kawhi Leonard being arguably the best defensive player in the league while dropping 26 points a night, just to name a few candidates. As we head into the final stretch of the regular season the race continues to tighten as superstars across the league are elevating their play in preparation for the playoffs. When the time comes, a tough decision will have to be made.

Until then, below is a ranking of who we feel are currently the 5 players leading the NBA’s MVP Race.


1.Russell Westbrook

PPG: 31.9

Assists: 10.1

Rebounds: 10.5

Team Record: 37-29


2. James Harden

PPG: 29.1

Assists: 11.2

Rebounds: 7.9

Team Record: 46-21

3. LeBron James

PPG: 26.1

Assists: 8.9

Rebounds: 8.3

Team Record: 43-22

4. Kawhi Leonard

PPG: 26.3

Assists: 3.4

Rebounds: 5.9

Team Record: 52-14

5. Isaiah Thomas

PPG: 29.2

Assists: 6.1

Rebounds: 2.6

Team Record: 42-25