Who Wants To Buy Michael Jordan’s Sickness-Infested Sneakers? Got $80,000?

  • Rick Chandler

The chance to buy his shoes have thrown malls into chaos and caused web sites to crash. And that’s just for the new ones. So what will happen when a pair of Jordan sneakers with some history behind them get sold at auction? Bidding began on Monday (current bid $37,023).

One gambling web site, Bovada.com, estimates that these particular size 13 Air Jordans will go for $80,000 or more. They’re the shoes Jordan wore in the famous “Flu Game” in 1997 — which was Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Bulls and the Jazz.

Jordan came down with flu-like symptoms before the game, and needed to be helped off the court after scoring the game-clincher. He had 38 points. Of course his uniform, with the shoes, were immediately burned following the game, and the ashes buried. No? Jordan gave them to a ball boy? Because of applesauce?

You’ve probably heard this story: Jazz ball boy Preston Truman was awarded the shoes by Jordan during the Jazz series, owing to Truman shuttling Jordan his favorite crackers and applesauce.

When the NBA Finals came around, our consignor [Truman] prepared graham crackers and applesauce to be sitting in Jordan’s locker. Upon arriving, Jordan saw the items and said, “You remembered? That’s my guy right there.” After doing Jordan another favor before Game 5, our consignor asked Jordan for his shoes. After the game, as he stood waiting in the locker room, the Bulls equipment manager John Ligmanowski stepped in to get MJ’s shoes. “No, leave em,” MJ said. “Those are his,” pointing at him. Jordan handed our consignor the sneakers with his socks inside and have remained that way until now. Jordan proceeded to sign the shoes and photos were taken during the process.

Call it The Truman Shoe, I guess.