WHO WORE IT BETTER: Manu Ginobli, Tony Wroten, And The Exploded Shoe

  • Jake O'Donnell

So much for the theory that Manu Ginobli’s exploded sneakers were poorly made — 76ers’ guard Tony Wroten wears Jordan X’s, and the entire sole came off halfway through a spin move last night against the Pacers. So who wore it better? On one hand, you have a future hall-of-famer who’s foot forced its way through the side of the sneaker, turning the Nike Air Max Closer into a sort of anklet. On the other hand, you have Wroten, who’s shoe managed to double in length by basically unhinging itself, for that Sideshow Bob-effect.

We’re going with Wroten, just because giant floppy footwear is hot right now.

Total red carpet razz-matazz.