Why Does Gregg Popovich Not Want Flo Rida’s Manager At Game 6?

  • Ricky Boebel

flo rida manager popovich
Miami rapper Flo Rida and his manager Freezy are having a big 2013 playoff campaign. They’ve been the most influential celebrity fans since Spike Lee tricked us into thinking the Knicks mattered in the 90s.

You may remember the pair from Freezy’s scrap with the Pacers’ bench in the Eastern Conference Finals or how happy Flo Rida made the elderly minority Heat owner when she saw his huge Jesus piece.

Today, Freezy went on “104.3 The Ticket” and announced that he will not be attending Game 6 because Gregg Popovich complained to the NBA about him:

“They were sending me emails all week and kind threats but I was ignoring them. Then I got emails and phone calls from their lawyers telling me I’m not allowed in the building for the next two games. So I’m like, ‘What violation did I (commit)? …. They were just telling me we had too much energy and the head coach complained about it. Them cats want an easy win. They ain’t used to that Miami Heat support right next to them in their ears. … The Spurs are just scared.”

This is definitely just a precaution by Popovich as the Spurs don’t have one token crazy guy on their team. I don’t see Tim Duncan charging at Flo Rida or his manager anytime soon.

The Miami Heat fanbase have come a long way since they were told to “FAN UP” two seasons ago. Now they need to fan down before the Heat run out of millionaire rappers. They already lost Lil Wayne after he claimed he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife.

Freezy will not be in attendance tonight. So which celebrity is going to fan up in his place? We’re all looking at you Bieber.

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