Will I Am Will Not Stop Molesting Our Biggest Sporting Events With His Terrible Music (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

I’m sorry if you are a fan of The Black Eyed Peas. No Seriously. I’m sorry. For you.

Intros to major sporting events never are very good. They’re generally some permutation of a Jock Jams anthem and a benign artist that doesn’t evoke a whole lot of ire.

Well, I’m evoking ire. In a song that completely rips off Daft Punk’s oft-ripped-off “Harder Better Faster”, Will I Am, or whatever his name is, can be seen dancing with the NBA’s finest. A real embodiment of power: getting NBA stars to wiggle their butts. What this basically boils down to, is a league sanctioned Harlem Shake video. Remember these?

Someone explain why actual hip hop doesn’t make it’s way into NBA promos? Ever heard of Jay-Z? Ugh. At least play something that gets me pumped up for basketball, not remind me of the lousy playlist at the gym. Although, after his HOT 97 misstep, Jiggaman may be omitted from league sponsored content for a while.