Will Serge Ibaka Come Back And Save The Thunder From Certain Doom?

  • Eric Goldschein

serge ibaka

The story of the Western Conference Finals so far has been, Damn, the Spurs are fucking great.

The subplot to that story is, Man, this series would at least be competitive if Serge Ibaka wasn’t injured. You may have heard that Ibaka injured his calf at the end of the second round and was out for the playoffs. The Spurs weren’t buying his “out for season” tag at the time, and it appears they were even more intelligent and amazing than we thought, because Ibaka could be back at some point during this series:

“Rapidly progressed”? No idea what that means, other than Ibaka is rubbing Robitussin all over that leg and/or is willing to tough out the pain to get back with his team. Will it be enough to help the Thunder turn things around? The Spurs were already the favorite here, but they’ve also been destroying the Thunder in the paint through the first two games. If Ibaka can stop the bleeding there, OKC has a fighting chance.

Photo via Getty