With Or Without The NBA, Kobe Bryant Will Still Hit Game-Winning Shots

  • Ben Axelrod

With the NBA in full lockout mode, the players are looking for any semblance of meaningful competition, and that showed as many players have been competing in Los Angeles’ Drew League over this summer.

The league has already provided a good amount of fodder for the blogosphere, whether it’s been Kevin Durant‘s thunderous off-the-backboard dunk or Michael Beasley guaranteeing wins for games that he wouldn’t wind up participating in.

But no moment at the Los-Angeles-based league made us fear a potential season-ending lockout more than the game-winner that Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant hit yesterday.

Everything about the shot was vintage Kobe, from the way there was never any doubt to who was taking the shot, to the way that he fearlessly attacked Thunder guard James Harden.

And as for that celebration. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen that before too.