Woman Walks On Court In The Middle Of Nuggets-Lakers Game

  • CJ Fogler

Amazingly enough, this is not a technical in the NBA, although it may be a first. The Nuggets and Lakers playoff game was interrupted by a woman who wandered on the court, seemingly in search of a quick convo with the Nuggets’ Ty Lawson.

I don’t recall seeing this before – people will occasionally step on the floor when play is at the opposite end, or at a break in the game. But I cannot ever recall a woman ever wandering onto the court as if she was going to join the play. Watch this bizarre interruption in Denver and listen to Marv Albert, nobody better to describe this one…

UPDATE: TNT has reported that the woman has a history of stalking Nuggets’ players and was actually banned from the Pepsi Center. They were not sure how she was able to get into the arena at this point. She has been arrested and charged with trespassing, Marc Spears of Yahoo! also was told that the woman is suspected of having stalked Kenyon Martin when he was in Denver, and she reportedly screamed “Where is Kenyon?” at the Nuggets’ bench.

[SECOND UPDATE] Marc Spears reports the woman is Savannah McMillan-Christmas, 20, who came to the game with her mother and was cited for trespassing.