Worst Flop Of The NBA Playoffs So Far? I Think We Have A Winner

  • Rick Chandler

sam young flop

First, let’s just establish that a flop in basketball is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you really do get fouled, and in all the commotion the ref doesn’t always see it. So any exaggerated body move you can make to bring attention to that legitimate foul is to your and your team’s advantage. And the whole idea is to win, right?

OK, it’s not the whole idea. A person blessed with enormous athletic gifts should also honor the game. So when you get hit with incidental or legal contact, or no contact at all, flopping is a very uncool move, and we wag our index finger in the flopper’s general direction (your exact finger may vary).

Here’s the Pacers’ Sam Young, who got clipped with a Carmelo Anthony elbow during their playoff game. Incidental, IMO. But Young is probably aware that actress Olivia Wilde (Cowboys & Aliens, Tron: Legacy) is sitting right there in the front row (she’s in the red, with her hands covering her mouth), and wants to show off his acting skills.

Bad, bad flop. Ten demerits. Fifty points deducted from House Gryffindor. Credit rating lowered to 420. Double secret probation. No soup for you: banned, one year.

Of course our flopping technology is about two decades behind that of European soccer. But give us time and we’ll catch up.

H/T Business Insider.