Let’s Watch Pierre The Pelican Have His Bandages Removed To Reveal His New Look

  • Rick Chandler

FOX goes from broadcasting the Super Bowl to this, in just ten days. Sad, really.

Yes, fine — we’ll show you Pierre’s new look once we get a photo of it. We don’t want to, but this is a sports site and it’s the law. So watch this space, I guess.

UPDATE: Well, here he is … the new Pierre the Pelican:

Here’s Pierre before the makeover:

Not only did the New Orleans mascot undergo “plastic surgery” to acquire a new beak, but he also had all of his charisma surgically removed. The original Pierre may have been a frightening monstrosity who scared children and pets, but that’s what made him unique in a landscape of carpeted Disney ripoffs.

Now Pierre the Pelican looks like every other mascot. And thus he does not succeed.