Yes, This Is Happening Again: Donald Sterling Flies Off The Handle During His Own Trial

  • Igor Mello

As if the first day of the Donald Sterling trial wasn’t wild enough, things got even messier on the second day. Sterling, who was a no-show on the opening day of the trial, turned the courtroom into an even bigger circus on Tuesday.

Sterling entered the room with shades on and a darker hue on his head. The million-year old Sterling showed the classic signs of a mid-life crisis, although according to the US Census Bureau, he’s many years past the middle of his life.

Here are the highlights so far:


Be a man!

Be a man (Part 2).

Confused DTS is confused.

Shelly Sterling’s lawyer can have it, too.

Oh, word?

Well, newspapers are kind of dying…

Show yourselves, CNN!

Ennnnnddddd scene!

[Photo via Getty]