Young Neophyte Walt Clyde Frazier Was Shrewd, Clever, Slick About When He Had Sex During His Playing Days

  • Dylan Murphy

Over at GQ you can read a Q&A with Knicks legend and MSG announcer Walt “Clyde” Frazier slated for the upcoming April issue, and it is very Clyde being Clyde. Most notably, Clyde’s judicious distribution of sex throughout the work week in his playing days:

GQ: How do you manage your energy?
Walt Frazier: I’m out, but I’m not having sex. Some nights I’m just out to get numbers. Most of my sex was after Saturday night. We’re off on Sunday and Monday.

And a few other gems:

GQ: Did he [your father] wear suits?
Walt Frazier: No, never wore suits too much. But he was very creative. Like, he used to wear overalls but the way he wore them was very sexylike.

GQ: And the “Clyde” thing—your nickname is a sartorial reference.
Walt Frazier: From the movie Bonnie and Clyde. What happened was, when I first started I wasn’t playing well as a rookie. So to pacify myself I used to go shopping. So I would go out buy clothes, go to my room, dress up, and look in the mirror and say, Well, I ain’t playing good but I still look good!

You should probably just go ahead and read the whole thing.

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