Your Usual Room, Sir? Dennis Rodman In Rehab For Alcoholism Following North Korea Trip

  • Rick Chandler

Dennis Rodman, “beyond exhausted and overwhelmed”, has checked into a rehab facility in New Jersey for alcohol addiction … and will reportedly be in treatment for 30 days.

Rodman of course angered most of the world — a pretty big feat even for him — with his recent fourth trip to North Korea, where he feted birthday boy dictator Kim Jong Un, and went off on a drunken, rambling tirade in an interview with CNN. Rodman has since apologized for the interview, saying that he had been drinking. From CNN:

“He has been in rehab most of this week, and I am very proud of him,” said Darren Prince, his agent.

“His drinking escalated to a level that none of us had seen before. When he came back, I discussed with him on a personal level how concerned I was. We sat down and decided for him to go to rehab. It is a 28 or 30 day facility.”

He entered a center in the East Coast on Wednesday, a source close to Rodman told CNN.

Rodman may have called the North Korean dictator his good friend, but his real relationship is with booze. And rehab hasn’t seemed to help.

1999: Arrested for drunk driving.

2000: Entered three-month alcohol treatment program.

2004: Pleaded nolo contendere to drunk driving in Las Vegas, after borrowing a motorcycle and crashing it.

2008: Entered an alcohol rehab facility in Florida following charges of domestic battery.

2009: Had an intervention with Phil Jackson and various family members. Agreed to be on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”, but not until after an appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice”.

2010: On the same day that Celebrity Rehab premiered, Rodman was removed from an Orange County, California restaurant for disruptive behavior.

I guess we can learn from this that when the heat is on for Dennis Rodman, rehab is a safe haven until things blow over. We would call Rodman the gift that keeps on giving, it this wasn’t so sad.