Some Bad Things Happened To A Drug Dealer At Zach Randolph’s House

  • Glenn Davis

Public perception of the Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph came a long way this past season, with Randolph’s 20 points and 12 rebounds a game fueling the Grizzlies’ surprising playoff run. A reported incident at Randolph’s home over the weekend, however, may – fairly or unfairly – set that back a bit. Around 12:30 in the morning on Sunday, police searched Randolph’s home in Portland after 26-year-old James Beasley said he was assaulted there. Randolph’s not a suspect, but according to Beasley, here’s what went down:

James Beasley, 26, told KGW that he went to Randolph’s home to sell marijuana and when there was a disagreement over price, so several men beat him with pool sticks.

And while Randolph’s not a suspect in the alleged beating itself, Beasley and his brother, Robert, did hold Randolph accountable for not intervening and stopping the situation before it spiraled out of control:

“I am very, very disappointed,” said Robert. “Zach was there and should have stopped it. He could have stopped it.'”

Of course, Randolph’s had his issues in the past, so we shouldn’t be surprised here. This is just the latest incident of several through the years. Again, Randolph’s not a suspect, and as far as Beasley saying he was there to deal pot goes, we say, “Big deal.”

But if the guy really got beaten up, obviously that’s not good, even if Randolph wasn’t directly involved. Randolph might never totally shed the Jail Blazers image he and so many picked up in Portland several years back, but he was at least on the way. With this latest report, that task got tougher. We know what would help people forget about it, though…another big season and playoff run.

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