83.7% Of America Can’t Win $1 Billion After The First Game (UPDATE: Now Over 99%)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Aaron Craft Sad

Warren Buffett, Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans’ $1 Billion NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge is the talk of town, even though everybody knows that it’s virtually impossible to get a perfect bracket.

That said… it’s hilarious that the first game was a big upset. No. 11 Dayton over No. 6 Ohio State. How many people were eliminated?

83.7% of America.

The maximum number of entrants was 15,000,000. So how many people still have a shot? A maximum of 2.445 million. Still a lot of people. But you’ve got 62 games to go, guys. Good luck.

UPDATE: Yahoo hasn’t released its standings yet, but only 29.2% of people picked Harvard, so that 12.3% has almost certainly shrunk considerably. In ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, only 5.7% of brackets are still perfect. The Yahoo number is probably lower, since it doesn’t allow multiple entries.

LATEST UPDATE: After Mercer beat Duke, we’re assuredly down to well under 1%. Yahoo hasn’t released anything besides their Top-50 leaderboard… so all we know is there are at least 50 people still remaining. This New Mexico-Stanford game will probably eliminate a few more. Good luck, you crazy, ballsy Americans.

ESPN’s Tournament Challenge still has a couple thousand. Yahoo’s almost certainly has fewer.

LATEST OF THE LATEST: 6 people left.