A Kentucky Senator Accidentally Trolled UK Fans By Using A Duke Clip In A Campaign Ad

  • Matt Rudnitsky

40-0 Kentucky ShirtKentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has a new ad campaign. His team messed up and used (a very quick) clip of Duke celebrating its 2010 NCAA Tournament title rather than Kentucky’s from 2012. (Right after using a quick Louisville clip, which they got right.)

Politicians are morons, Exhibit 9359235839358983952039828520935809283. Fast forward to 1:05 if you’re anxious.

Via Kentucky Sports Radio:

The campaign quickly spliced in a shot of Julius Randle and released the new version…

Between this mistake by McConnell, a Republican, and Louisville mayor Greg Fischer, a Democrat, proclaiming Friday “Cardinal Red Day,” it seems like both parties are determined to piss UK fans off.

UPDATE: The McConnell campaign had to pull the ad because it violated NCAA rules by showing a current player. Overall, just a bad day for them.

If there was a publicly released politician Wonderlic test, I would die a happy man.