About Last Night: Dayton’s President Crowdsurfed, Took Photos Next To Riot Police

  • Rick Chandler

This is University of Dayton president Daniel Curran — possibly the coolest university president ever — crowd surfing down Kiefaber Street hours after the Flyers upset Syracuse, 57-55, on Saturday night. No. 11 Dayton is in the Sweet 16 which of course means its students must START LARGE FIRES on campus. Wooo!

Dayton Daily News:

Police from nearly a dozen local agencies quickly converged in the area to control the growing crowd, swelling to more than 1,000 students. While students partied, they also ignited couches that prompted calls to city fire fighters. Traffic access to those streets were cut off by police to protect students who were pouring in to the streets.

Police suited up in riot gear similar to last year’s St. Patrick’s Day unrest, but were keeping a watchful stance unless any violence erupted.