ACC Referee Allegedly Told NC State Coach To Shut His “F—ing Ass Up” During Wildly Controversial Game

  • Eric Goldschein

North Carolina pulled out a thriller against NC State this afternoon, winning 69-67 in a game that saw 42 fouls in 40 minutes. But the last few possessions of the game had some surprising no-calls, which lead to a surprising outburst from one of the referees.

According to a tweet by reporter Adam Smith (and confirmed by another source at the game), NC State coach Mark Gottfried yelled at referee Brian Dorsey that he had missed a charge call. Dorsey’s response?

Wow. Alrighty then. We don’t know how often referees curse at coaches, or at anyone else for that matter, but it can’t be too often. And a slip-up is understandable, especially in the heat of a rugged game like this one, but “shut your f—— ass up” is less of a slip and more of a verbal assault.

And yet, later tweets by Smith show that maybe this wasn’t even that big a deal. “It was a heated situation. Gottfried didn’t think it was weird at all. He just turned, yelled more at ref Ray Natili,” said another tweet. So maybe we should all relax. Except for NC State, which seems to have some legitimate beef with the officiating at the end of the game.

Here’s the last UNC possession, which looks an awful lot like a charge to us. Gottfried loses his mind. Might this have been the offending call?

[h/t SFN]