AMAZING PICTURE: Michigan Fans Should Suck It Up, But Kentucky Should Brace For Pain

  • Matt Rudnitsky

I’m a Michigan fan and have ignored 95% of text messages and human interaction since the moment Aaron Harrison hit the insane/insanely lucky buzzer beater to send Kentucky to the Final Four. I, along with most other fans in the bar, walked out silently and trudged home in the downpour as God wept for our beloved sports team. (That was a joke; God does not care about your or my sports team. Though if he did, he definitely wouldn’t be a John Calipari fan.)

I could bitch all day about the game, but you would just tell me to shut up. This amazingly juxtaposed photo on reddit explains why you’re right.

Trey Burke Shot vs. Aaron Harrison Michigan Kentucky

I went to the Final Four last year and it was one the best (yet saddest, in the end) experiences of my life. I, along with all of my fellow Michigan fans, should probably shut up.

I don’t need to tell you that Trey Burke’s shot was lucky. Harrison’s was too. All championships (or Final Four appearances) take luck, and a lot of the time, it even takes direct luck on one play. Say, Tim Duncan’s missed layup.

Enjoy the good luck, but don’t be a dick about it. And shut the hell up when you get the bad luck. Nobody cares.

These rules do have two exceptions: the outliers. If you’re a bandwagon fan (hi, Heat fans!), you never have privilege to boast or breathe our air. And if you’re a Cleveland sports fan, just try to do your bitching as quietly as you can.