An Update On Kevin Ware (Don’t Worry, It’s Good News)

  • Glenn Davis

So as we’re sure you’ve heard (and seen, if you wanted to see it) by now, Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a terrible broken leg during the Cardinals’ Elite Eight matchup against Duke yesterday. Louisville, of course, regrouped to blow out the Blue Devils and reach the Final Four, but understandably, the minds of many focused instead on how well Ware is recovering. And the good news is that the answer to that question seems to be: as well as possible, given the circumstances. His surgery was successful, Ware should eventually be able to resume playing, and as far as catastrophic injuries go, it could be worse:

All the reports on how Ware’s doing from those who have seen him are positive. Rick Pitino described him as being “in great spirits,” and said that as long as his surgically-repaired leg doesn’t get infected, he’ll be able to join the team at the Final Four. And in what might be the best part, he’s already moving around on crutches:

It’ll be a hard road back to the court, but that immediately-after-the-injury time is extremely important, and Ware’s first day, by all accounts, has resulted in as much progress as you could hope to see. Let’s hope he keeps progressing that way.