Watch This Mixtape: Canadian High School Phenom Andrew Wiggins Routinely Gets His Head Above The Rim

  • Jake O'Donnell

The search for the next “the next Jordan” has found itself a viable candidate. Anointed by Sports Illustrated as just that, Canadian born high school senior Andrew Wiggins is dope. Before you check out his mixtape, know that he is leaning towards Kentucky but ultimately undecided about next year (as in “which school”, not whether or not he’s gonna skip college to take a gap year in Thailand.) Also, he’s playing in the McDonald’s All-American game April 5th alongside five confirmed Kentucky recruits. If this kid ends up in Lexington as well, we won’t be talking about Kentucky missing any tournaments next year. Check out how high he gets at the 1:07 mark. He could literally rest his chin on the rim.

Born in Toronto, the 6’7″ Wiggins attends high school at Huntington Prep in Huntington, West Virginia, for obvious reasons (even a bumper crop of young Steve Nash’s couldn’t stop him.) He’s definitely someone to look out for next week as the country’s best young ballers meet up in Chicago to dunk on each other in the name of fast food. Come to think of it, McDonald’s All-American games are about as American as two apple pies for $1. Hope he’s acclimated to our ostentatious way of life down here, because that much ‘Murika can be suffocatingly hilarious to a Canadian.

H/T Deadspin