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April Fools? Jay Bilas Says VCU’s Run “Most Remarkable NCAA Tournament Run” In History

  • Dan Fogarty

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday and, of course, was asked about his comments regarding Final Four participant VCU.

As you’ll recall, Bilas called VCU’s selection “indefensible” on Selection Sunday. And while Bilas has tipped his cap to the Rams multiple times during their impressive run, he’s never backed off his orignal argument: that, based on their regular season resume, VCU didn’t deserve to make the bracket.

Today on MSNBC, Bilas, once again, defended his argument (this time in front of a cable news audience). But he also threw VCU a bone.

“Frankly, [their run] has been the most remarkable NCAA tournament run in the tournament’s history,” Bilas said.

It was Bilas’ most definitive and explicit endorsement of VCU since his original comments. But will it finally appease all those angry VCU fans?

Here was a portion of his interview, courtesy of MSNBC: