Arizona Postpones Basketball Game After Congresswoman’s Shooting

  • Glenn Davis

The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and several others rocked the nation today, nowhere more so than in Arizona, the state Giffords represents – as well as the state where the shooting took place. As such, normal life in the state stops for a time, including University of Arizona basketball, which postponed its scheduled game against Stanford to tomorrow at 2:30.

Certainly the best news to come out of this tragic episode is that Giffords remains alive, while the worst is that several others who were also shot later died. Either way, as necessary as it is to move on with our lives and not let acts of the severely deranged weaken the country, postponing this game was the right move. All of our best to Congresswoman Gifford, and we hope fervently she can make a recovery.

For an account of working for Gifford written by one of her former campaign interns, visit here.

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