Barack Obama’s 2013 NCAA Bracket Has Been Revealed

  • Glenn Davis

It’s that time of year: that time of year when people fill out NCAA brackets. People like President Barack Obama, who, once he was finished keeping Kentucky out of the NCAA Tournament, joined ESPN’s Andy Katz in his yearly bracket-filling-out tradition. The full ESPN segment is airing as I write this, and we’ll include video below as soon as it’s available, but you can already see the majority of his bracket here, and his Final Four is as follows:

East Region: Indiana
South Region: Florida
Midwest Region: Louisville
West Region: Ohio State

From there, POTUS picked Louisville and Indiana to make the final, and further revealing his SHAMELESS BIG TEN BIAS, picked Indiana to win it all. Again, video when it becomes available. For now, feel free to yell about how OBAMA TURNED IN HIS BRACKET ON TIME WHAT ABOUT A BUDGET because filling out an NCAA bracket and crafting a proposed federal budget are entirely analogous processes, and also, Gonzaga star Kelly Olynyk now has the distinction of having his hair praised by the President of the United States on television. Hey POTUS: how about you praise an AMERICAN next time? Thanks a lot, Obama.

UPDATE (again): Here’s the whole video.

Photo via – Official White House photo, by Pete Souza