Basketball Concussions Can Be Vastly Worse Than Football Concussions

  • Jake O'Donnell

Convulsions, groaning, a stretcher — these are things that belong in the theater of war, not a college hoops game.

[] For nearly 15 minutes, Teague remained on the court as team doctors and first aid personnel worked to determine the severity of his injury. Willard, his team in the midst of a game it would win handily, 90-58, crouched over his senior co-captain, uttering any words he could think of to help Teague. As a capacity crowd in the old gym looked on, hoping for the best, paramedics were able to get Teague to flex his hands and slowly move his feet.

Teague’s diagnosis was described by the Pirates’ head coach, Kevin Willard, as a “really bad concussion,” which will keep him hospitalized for a few days for observation.

H/T Deadspin