Because The Mike Rice Scandal Can’t Get Any Weirder, Someone Threw A Water Balloon At An ESPN Cameraman

  • Glenn Davis

Well, I’ve gone on at length over the last couple days about my Rutgers fan perspective on the Mike Rice mess. What I didn’t expect to get was a reminder of why my love for Rutgers exists in spite of, rather than because of, the majority of my experience as a student.

Before today’s press conference in which Rutgers president (and looks like he will be for a while, since the Board of Governors doesn’t seem intent on throwing him out) Robert L. Barchi tried to explain away details like why he never watched the video documenting Rice’s abuse of players when Rice was initially suspended, ESPN reporter John Barr did a SportsCenter interview on campus. The kids who walked by were generally… college-y. A few were horrendous-looking bros. One group held a cardboard cutout of Pernetti’s head behind Barr (that one, I was kind of amused by). And then, uh… this:

A water balloon. Good job making the Penn State parallel easy to draw. While of course the underlying misconduct wasn’t remotely in the neighborhood of the vile acts Jerry Sandusky perpetrated, but the administrative buck-passing running rampant in this case invites the comparison… DON’T MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO CONNECT US TO THAT GIANT SCANDAL AND ENSUING REACTION. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD THAT CAN COME OF THAT.

If you want to protest Pernetti’s ouster, do what the kids with the Pernetti cardboard head did (and also don’t blame ESPN – while they’re sure squeezing every damn second out of this story that they can, at the core of this, they did work to be commended). Do not throw a water balloon at some poor cameraman. Rutgers looks shitty enough right now. If everyone associated with the school works hard enough, we can keep it from looking any shittier… but not if people pull stuff like this.