Before We Leave Our Arizona Riot Coverage, Let’s Watch This Cop Hurl A Woman Over A Bench

  • Rick Chandler

… and when mistakes are made you get bodyslammed by a lowland gorilla. Don’t get bodyslammed by a lowland gorilla. Get DirecTV …

Hard to see the exact context here, but it appears that a totally innocent woman was rushed by a Tucson police officer and checked hard into the boards, or in this case knocked over a bench. It happened during the “riot” near the University of Arizona campus on Saturday night, following the Wildcats’ loss in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

I don’t see the woman doing anything wrong here: she’s apparently looking for a way to get around the crowd. One bystander yells “Call the cops!”, which is somewhat pointless.

March Madness indeed. Stay classy, Tucson PD.