John Beilein: Spike Albrecht Has ‘A Chance’ With Kate Upton

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Spike Albrecht wasn’t heavily recruited, because he’s a diminutive white dude. He wound up going to Michigan. He didn’t play often, though, because he’s a diminutive white dude. He then got significant minutes in the NCAA tournament, and went absolutely nuts in the national title game against Louisville. The nation fell in love with him, so Spike Albrecht tweeted at Kate Upton. Of course, everyone has written him off (again) because he’s a diminutive white dude.

Except for his coach, John Beilein. The man who believed in Spike Albrecht, the basketball player, when no one else did, now believes in Spike Albrecht, potential Kate-Upton-dater. John Beilein knows potential, and I trust this man’s judgment.

“I think he’s still got a shot there,” Beilein said on WTKA-AM (1050) this morning. “He’s got a shot. The young man has a lot of bravado to tweet the way he did. I think it was inspired by Nik Stauskas a little bit, he edged him on a little bit, his roommate. It’s all good. It’s fun. When it comes down to we want our kids to have great educations, we want them to win basketball games, we want them to enjoy themselves in the process. I think they’ve enjoyed themselves.”

Keep refreshing TMZ, guys. Don’t doubt Spike Albrecht.


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