Poor Billy Cundiff Will Soon Be Synonymous With Failure In Every Sport, Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Maybe the 49ers’ Kyle Williams took more abuse, all told, but unfortunately for Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff, it doesn’t seem like Williams’ difficulty fielding punts made anyone forget Cundiff’s instantly-infamous field goal miss that prevented the Ravens from forcing overtime in the AFC’s title game. On the contrary, Cundiff’s wide-left push made such an impression that fans immediately started using his name to heckle opposing players. In another sport. In a completely different part of the country:

We know the NFL is the biggest sports league in America, it’s huge everywhere, etc. But for some reason, we were still a bit amazed that it made it into a Texas A&M-Kansas game. After all, heckles work best when they’re about the teams involved – or at least teams you’d expect the opposing players/fans to care about. This really would have been good at, say, a Boston College-Maryland game.

But it was pretty good at A&M-Kansas, too. It’s an inspired idea, and the fact that the students holding the sign(s) were wide left of the basket shows impressive attention to detail. Alas, despite how clever it might have been (and despite that the KU students got the last laugh in the Jayhawks’ 64-54 win), this bit of heckling didn’t actually work: A&M made the ensuing free throw.