Despite Evidence To The Contrary, Students Actually Did Attend Last Night’s Boston College-Maryland Game

  • Dylan Murphy

You might have seen this photo below floating around the internet this morning, casually tossed about as an indictment of Boston College’s student support of the school’s basketball team. And we thought so, too: that’s an entire student section right there, and that’s only one, lonesome guy to support the team during it’s 69-58 win at home over Maryland.

But our old friend Dave Levy, who attended last night’s game, alerts us to some rather strange arena dynamics at Conte Forum that explain away this otherwise sad state of affairs: Boston College’s student section, for whatever reason, is divided in two. On the other end of the court, behind the other basket, is the other student section – which, by the way, was completely full. So there were, in fact, many students in attendance, even if this one-sided photo doesn’t quite do the school’s spirit justice. Boston College’s men’s basketball Facebook page confirms the not-actual-lack of fandom:

Then again: the rest of the arena looks quite sparse, and the Eagles are 12-14 on the season, including 4-9 in the ACC. Which is to say, we get it.