Boston Sports Shock Jocks To Rick Pitino: ‘You Stink You Ruined The Celtics’

  • Jake O'Donnell

Forgive me if I thought Mike Francesa was an asshole. CBS Boston radio’s Toucher and Rich — they’re assholes. Francesa is just a sports dork with no sense of humor. My apologies.

Apparently these guys get a lot of major sports figures on their show, with the same results. Like the time they refused to stop bothering T.O. about his personal life so he politely ended the interview. They seem to turn what should just be a easy conversation between adults into a bad joke that makes everyone involved look stupid. Don’t be surprised if they get in deep shit for this move.

Pitino has been on a promotional tour for his new book, One Day Contract, which is available here. Watch Larry King interview him properly.