Brandon Davies, Kicked Off BYU Basketball For Premarital Sex, Is Back On The Team

  • Glenn Davis

One of the major stories in college basketball last season involved the dismissal of forward Brandon Davies from BYU’s basketball team for violating the school’s honor code. The specific violation: premarital sex. The dismissal led to a wide range of reactions, some in praise of BYU for not bending the rules for a star athlete, other more or less saying, “Everyone was doing this.”

Through it all, BYU fans stood firmly behind Davies, which is good, because now they have him to root on again: he was reinstated to the team last night. For a team already dealing with the loss of Jimmer Fredette, getting one of their other top players back from last season is big news, and BYU coach Dave Rose made it clear he was happy in a statement:

“Our staff and our players are pleased that Brandon has been readmitted for the fall semester. We’re excited to have him back on the team, and we look forward to a great season.”

Davies himself also weighed in, if with a similarly pre-packaged and vanilla statement:

“I’m excited to be back at BYU and look forward to the future. I’m grateful for this opportunity.”

Then again, considering the controversy from last season, maybe pre-packaged and vanilla is the way to go. It seems only fair that Davies gets another chance – while he did violate the code, it wasn’t exactly the worst violation in the world. He deserves another chance to finish his BYU career on a better note, and we’re glad to see him get it.

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